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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer is here!

We have had a fun couples weeks at the Hughes home! Plenty of visitors, which we love. Had a fabulous first fathers day.  Ryan got a new BBQ from my parents, pretty sweet! The weather has been pretty hot which can be hard on us because we don't have AC. Our landlord won't spring for one even though Ryan can get him one at a great price. In the meantime we've spent plenty of time in Regina and Phil's pool. Ben is growing like a weed right before our eyes. He still loves to chew on his hands. I swear he tries to put his whole hand in his mouth! I have started adding salt to his bottles to make sure he doesn't get dehydrated through the summer months. Looking forward to our three day weekend up in Sac!
Ryan's new BBQ!

Eating his tub toy

Blurry but he's smiling

Almost 4 months!

Hanging with Cousins

Friday, June 19, 2009

6/15 CF clinic visit

We couldn't have asked for a better clinic visit! Ben weighs 13.2 lbs which puts him in the 50 percentile, exactly where we want him! He is 24 inches long which is also in the 50 percentile. His culture came back all clear of any bad bacteria which means that we not only got rid of the yucky stuff from last month but he also didn't pick up anything new! His CF team is SO pleased with his progress and proud of Ryan and I. Ben's doctor even told us we could drop one of the bottle feedings but I prefer to keep going with what's working. He is now on Zantac to help with his spitting up and to help the enzymes work a little better. I plan on starting him on non-Rx probiotics because I have done some research on them and think they will be beneficial. We won't need to go back to UCSF for two months because Ben is doing so well. Keep up the prayers, God is blessing us!

Ben's current meds list:
Vitamins ADEK- 1ml once a day
Zantac- 1 ml twice a day
2-3 bottles of breast milk with added formula plus 4-5 breast milk feedings a day
1 1/2 enzymes with every meal
CPT twice a day

I'm leaving you with a fun picture!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Ben is 3 months!

How time has flown! We can not believe how Ben is grown. His personality is coming out more and more everyday. He is such an alert, happy, easy going baby. Everyday he is smiling and giggling more. Almost anyone can get a smile out of him! His newest talent is sucking on his hands. We think he may be a thumb sucker. I am hoping not because I can't imagine trying to control the amount of germs he's exposed to but if he does end up sucking his thumb we'll just adjust. Finger sucking is in his genes, Ryan and I both did for years so I can't blame him. He is getting used to holding up his head on his own but still needs to be supported at times. Sleep is still hard to come by but I am adjusting. Ben loves to sleep in his swing and anything that gives me more sleep, I am open to! Ben's current likes are: bath time, watching the tv (a true York), being held, his playmat, laying on his changing table, being sung to and giggling. Current dislikes are: sleeping in his crib, tummy time and sleeping during the day in general. Most days I find myself putting Ben in the Baby Bjorn just to get things done around the house. He just hangs out and likes to be included in everything. Ryan has starting putting him in it too. Whatever works. We have a CF clinic visit next week and are excited to see how much weight Ben has put on. We don't even need to see the whole team since Ben is doing so well. Keep your fingers crossed! We had a great time at Kevin's graduation this past weekend. Adam got to meet Ben for the first time along with Ryan's grandparents. He put on quite the show for them on his playmat. Hopefully we'll be down to Salinas again soon. 
In other news, I have been asked by our genetic counselor to be a resource for other couples dealing with prenatal diagnosis. She said that Ryan and I left an impression on her and she thinks we would be good for other couples to talk to. I am excited to share our story and encourage other couples to continue their pregnancies despite a prenatal diagnosis. I know first-hand how hard and scary it can be but I also know what a joy special-needs children are! I hope to be an ear to listen and encouragement for other couples no matter what their decision is.

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