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Monday, May 31, 2010

Train Museum

What a busy but fun Memorial day weekend we’ve had! On Saturday, Ryan and I went to Ryan’s cousins wedding up in Redding. It was so great to see Ryan’s family and to celebrate, John and Whitney’s love. Thank you to my mom and aunt who took great care of Manny while we were gone!

Ben 14 months 204 Ben 14 months 202 Ben 14 months 219

Ryan with three of his four brothers!

Ben 14 months 225 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

On Monday, Ryan and I decided to have some quality time with Ben. Thanks to my last posting on trains, I had a ton of other mommies give me some great ideas. So, we decided to take Ben to the train museum in Old Sacramento. We had a great time! It was a bit crazy with so many kids (which was expected, on a three day weekend) but I know that it will be empty during the work week. So, I decided to buy us a membership. If I take Ben to the museum two more times, I’ve gotten our memberships worth. If not, I figure it’s a good place to donate to!

Ben 14 months 240There were huge, once-used trains there! I think Ben was a bit overwhelmed.

Ben 14 months 236  Ben 14 months 243

I could barely get Ben to look at the camera, he was so excited.

Of course, his favorite place was upstairs;  Thomas the Train part!

Ben 14 months 252Ben 14 months 247 Ben 14 months 251

Ben 14 months 253Ben 14 months 248

I think we got our money’s worth today! I hope everyone had a fabulous Memorial Day weekend!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash me! Friday

Flash Me! Friday is today (obviously) and the theme is refrigerator. While I was taking a picture of ours…

Ben 14 months 200I caught a funny story. But that’s to come. Our fridge is a mess so I’m not showing you the inside. One of the drawbacks of renting, is a small fridge. Ours is covered in invites, schedules, pictures and fingerprints. Some are at Ben’s level so he can grab them.

Want more Flash Me! Friday? Head on over to the Groettum Family’s  blog!!

Here is the funny story I caught:

Ben 14 months 193Ben 14 months 194Ben 14 months 195Ben 14 months 196 Ben 14 months 199Ben 14 months 197Ben 14 months 198

Looks like bottle brushes taste nasty :)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Fun

When you’re saving up to buy a house and to have another baby, like we are doing, then you try to find fun, free things to do. Case in point, I found that they have trains set up at Toys ‘r’ us. Really nice trains. Thomas Trains. If you know Ben, you know that just the word Thomas gets him excited.

I go through Ben’s tub toys every couple months to throw out any that may have mold in them. Tub toys can easily grow mold that can be harmful to Ben so I just keep filtering through them. Anyway, I took him to Toys ‘r’ us to get some more. That’s when we discovered the trains.

Ben 14 months 189 He sat and played with them for about an hour. I didn’t mind at all, I just looked around at the Thomas Trains, trying to figure out if we could afford any sets, any time soon. However, a basic 24-piece set will run you around 129$. Apparently when you put Thomas’ face on anything, it automatically doubles the price. How is it that my child picked one of the most expensive toys to love??

Ben 14 months 191As you can see, the price is outrageous. That’s for the table only. No tracks or tains included. That is even the sale price. So for now, we’ll just invade Toys ‘r’ us and play with their display until they realize they need to cut their prices even more.

Ben 14 months 190Not sure if that’ll ever happen, so we’ll just see how many times we can come and play for free until they start making us buy something.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Can you hear me now?

When did my sweet, little baby turn into a toddler? Surely, a baby wouldn’t act like he couldn’t hear me…

Ben 14 months 187That’s right, his new favorite thing is to plug his ears and giggle. I can’t help but laugh along with him even if I am trying to talk to him! He can be such a little stinker sometimes!

Ben 14 months 185 


Ben’s throat culture results came in today. He is not growing anything new so we won’t have to treat anything new. A relief but he still has a “few” amount of pseudomonas growing. The clinic team expected this since we’re only through half of our TOBI treatments. They didn’t take this culture to see if the pseudo was gone, just to see if there was anything else contributing to his cough.

I was hoping for a miracle, that the pseudo would be gone but the good news is that his first culture grew out a “moderate” amount of pseudo so we’re down to a “few” amount which is a good thing.

Monday, May 24, 2010

We are…

Ben 14 months 182

…gearing up for Hawaii!! I found these aqua socks at Toys ‘r’ us for only 8$! Of course, Ben had to have them for Maui. Although, I can’t wait to see those chubby toes in the sand!

16 days and counting…..

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting out

Ryan and I had an enjoyable weekend. We got to go out!! Don’t get me wrong, I love being with Ben during the days, it’s just nice to get out and see my friends and have an adult conversation.

My girlfriend, Megan, offered to come up and babysit Ben for the day and I jumped on it. Thank you Megan!! It’s hard for me to leave Ben with anyone. I just feel like no one knows him like I do and no body can do as well as me. I think most moms feel that way but I am getting over it. It was nice to have Ryan to myself and to catch up with old friends. Plus, I know Ben enjoys playing with new people!

We went down to Isleton to celebrate one of my girl friends birthday. It was SO good to see my friends most of them are my sorority sisters.

Ben 14 months 150Afterward, Ryan and I went to celebrate his grandma’s birthday. We had a delish meal followed by an even yummier cake. Happy Birthday Nonni!!

Ben 14 months 170  Ben 14 months 172

The Xopenex seems to be doing the job, I’ve already noticed a reduction in Ben’s cough. Let’s hope it continues to get better!

Please continue to keep the Jones family in your prayers. Sweet, little Conner is in his final weeks if not days. My heart aches for their family. Sarah, has started to make funeral arrangements and the cost is enormous. A fund has been started to help off-set their funeral costs. If you can help out at all, I know the family would appreciate it. Click below to donate. Thank you!!

Friday, May 21, 2010


Ben and I had a somewhat unexpected trip to UCSF yesterday. It all started a couple weeks ago when he started coughing. I chalked it up to our new eflow system because the medicine is different in the eflow versus our original neb. The new medicine is more concentrated and is delivered faster so I figured that had something to do with it. Well, the last couple days, his cough has gotten worse so I called our NP yesterday and told her what was going on. She called me back after she talked to the doctor and said they wanted us to come in the next day.

She had me worried at first because they know how far of a drive it is for us and usually suggest us coming in as a last option. I like to mentally prepare myself a few days ahead but I have found that my GPS system and a Xanax, have greatly cut down my stress level on clinic days. I think it’s because driving in the city is so hectic. People are cut throat and ruthless and will run  you over if need be.

We got there with a few minutes to spare so I let Ben run around the building for awhile. It’s hard because he’s been sitting in the car so long but the last place I want my CFer playing, is the waiting room of a hospital! Our name was called and we went back to get our stats taken. Ben weighs almost 28 pounds! That puts “Fatty” comfortably in the 90th percentile! I can’t say enough how many people commented on how cute he is and how well he is doing. All I could do was nod  my head and say how blessed we are.

Dr. N listened to his lungs, which sounded clear, and then asked me our routine. He came to the conclusion that Ben might be having a bronchospasm from his TOBI med. Could be from the eflow, may not be. So we are now on Xopenex through an inhaler/spacer. The Xopenex will help open his lungs so the TOBI can get into the crevasses and should stop his cough. Luckily Dr. N realized how much energy Ben has (as Ben’s trying to push him around on his rolly dr’s chair, ha) and said that we can do an inhaler versus a neb treatment. Right now we vest for 30 minutes then go into our TOBI treatment 5 minutes later.  So halfway through our vest treatment, I’ll have Ben take the inhaler. It takes 20 minutes to go into full effect so it should be full strength by the time we get to our eflow. It will also help open his lungs during vesting to get everything out.

The drive home was a lot harder, we left during prime traffic time. Luckily, Ryan had dinner handled so Ben and I were able to eat as soon as we got home. Thanks babe!

Here is a picture of our new inhaler/spacer.

Ben will have a mask on the end of his because he can’t inhale the medicine directly from the spacer. It will fit on his face just like his mask for our TOBI treatment.

The Dr. also took a throat culture so we’ll see if he has anything new growing. If not, we’ll see how things go with the Xopenex then go from there. I’m glad we went in yesterday because we leave for Hawaii in 3 weeks and we need to get this figured out before hand. I’d hate to leave Ben behind….. Just kidding!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Trains, trains and more trains!

I feel like I’ve been a bad blogger lately. We have just been busy and I haven’t had time to sit down and write.

When we were down at my parents house, my brother brought out his old set of Brio trains. Now, if you know Ben, you know that he loves cars and trains. He gets down on his knees in front of our coffee table and just pushes them back and forth with his little chubby finger. It’s the only time he sits quietly for most of the day, ha!

Ben 14 months 110It’s pretty fun to watch, he concentrates so hard on pushing  his little car. Anyway, I knew he would love the trains set that my brother had and he did!

Ben 14 months 106 I had to remind him to “be gentle” a couple times with the trains just like I have to tell him with our cat. He can become easily frustrated and likes to throw whatever he’s mad at. However, after a gentle reminder he’ll usually stop.

Ben 14 months 108 Ben 14 months 111

I also had to include the pictures below because I thought they were hilarious.

One morning Ben had wet through his diaper and PJ’s so I took him out of them and put him in some fresh ones. While he was running around on my parents concrete floor, I noticed that his feet were cold. So I grabbed a clean pair of my mom’s socks and put them on him.

Ben 14 months 121 I thought he looked pretty adorable in them and they were great because they had grippers on the bottom!

Ben 14 months 118 Ben 14 months 122

Monday, May 17, 2010


This past weekend, Ben got to spend a lot of time with his Uncle Weston, my brother.  My brother took some time to hang out with Ben, which was really nice. I know that between my brother and Ryan’s four brothers, Ben will have some good examples!

Ben 14 months 047Ben 14 months 051 Ben 14 months 043

Ben 14 months 046Ben 14 months 045 Ben 14 months 050

Friday, May 14, 2010

Flash Me Friday

Jen, over at Groettum Family, started a new blog hop called Flash Me Friday! We are taking pictures of different things each week and today is where we live. As of right now, we live here….

Ben 14 months 073 of course, this isn’t my house, it’s my parents in Carmel Valley Ca. What to join in?? Click here!!

We went to the Aquarium today and Ben had the best time. More pics to come!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jump, Jump

Manny and I have made the trip down to Carmel Valley this last week. Ryan is traveling down to Southern California again, so we thought we’d come down, go to the Aquarium, play with the dogs (who Ben loves), see old friends and hang out.

There is a baseball field a couple blocks away from my parents home that we walk the dogs to. It gives the dogs, and Ben, a chance to run around and get some energy out. All three come home very tired which is very nice!

Yesterday, my mom and I took Ben on a walk around the block. On the way we walked by a friends house who has a trampoline. Of course, we HAD to stop and jump! Ben had the best time! Trampolines are excellent for CFer’s because it can help break up the mucus in their chest and it also is a good workout.

I think a trampoline will be on Ben’s xmas list next year…

Ben 14 months 002 Ben 14 months 015

Ben 14 months 024Ben 14 months 022 Ben 14 months 033

Ben 14 months 032 Ben 14 months 035

We came back home and refueled…

Ben 14 months 037We love Nutella in this house!!

Ben 14 months 039Immediately after, it was tub time

Ben 14 months 041    Avocado slicers make good teething toys!

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