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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Does anybody else realize that summer is almost 2/3rds over?! I cannot believe how fast this summer has gone. Before we know it, it’ll be fall.

My little man has kept us on our toes lately. He’s developed quite the persistent personality, convinced that anything he wants will be given if he only says “Peas” first. Trips to Target are getting harder and harder especially down the 1$ isle. Target trips may have to go on my list of things to do when I am alone.

Ben has become more and more of a night owl, often not going to sleep til after 10pm. He’ll lay in his bed, often times for hours, singing and playing until he falls asleep. There are times in which I am out before he is! He insists on sleeping in his truck socks even when it’s cooled down to just 85. Ryan claims he gets his stubbornness from me but I won’t hear anything of it. All bad traits are deferred to Ryan, ha!

He jumps off everything even the highest platform at Gymboree. My bets are next summer, we’ll have a broken arm.


Ben taking a flying leap from his toy slide.

This week in playgroup we painted plates and tiles which was really fun. Within the last couple months our playgroup has almost doubled with new babies being born. It’s fun because I get my baby fix then go home to have a glass of wine and sleep through the night.



Do you see the cars next to Ben on the table? We don’t go ANYWHERE without them and I even have an “emergency car stash” in my purse. Ben is a little boy, through and through!

1 comment:

  1. Love the picture of you and Ben!!! The more I read your post- the more i believe that they are TOO MUCH alike. Madeline stays up to 10:30 or later in her bed talking to herself and playing with her dolls. She loves sleeping in! Love his "car addiction". Madeline has her toy story addiction! ;)


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