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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I feel like I’ve been a slacker on posts this month. We’ve just been busy!

Ben’s Tobi treatments are going fabulous. It’s like he sensed my anxiety about them and is doing his best to cooperate. It’s been so easy, something I’m very thankful for!

We are gearing up for Ben’s second birthday (March 12th) and I am super excited for it. We will have a bounce house, popcorn machine, piñata and barbeque. Plus, multiple Toy Story themed events! I know some families do birthday parties every other year but I can see us going all out for Ben’s. It’s a time for us to celebrate Ben being healthy and taking CF by the horns. It’s a time to pat each other on the backs, knowing we made it through another year. In the 1950’s children with CF were lucky to live to see their fifth birthday. Every year is something to celebrate!

I’m sure there will be a bit of mixed emotions. My baby is growing up, something I am thankful for but sad to see. This weekend I realized he’s too tall for his pack n play so I ordered him a kid-sized blow up bed. No more cribs for this guy! My “little” Man is growing up!



  1. So glad to hear the treatments are going well. It's amazing how much of troopers these little ones are.

    We totally agree with the birthday party situation. Some families don't do much more then a cake and happy birthday song from the family....but we go all out. We celebrate the year with Rylee...her good health...being closer to a cure...and just her in general. It's her special day. Happy birthday ben!

    What type of blow up bed did you order? we are looking for one also for Rylee instead of having her sleep on blankets on the floor. Would love to hear some recommendations.

  2. Wow, can't believe Ben is already almost 2! Have fun party planning. Also, if Ben is into Toy Story, they have Toy Story swim trunks at Costco right now. ;)


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