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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The waiting game

I was expecting Ben’s Tobramycin prescription to arrive today but unfortunately, due to the massive storm in the Midwest, the pharmacy wasn’t able to get it out to us. We have to wait until next week to even start.

I’m super bummed because it just delays us starting our two month cycle. Ben’s cough is getting worse and he’s in a bit of a bad mood. I’m not sure if this is attributed to the pseudo or something else but I’m even more eager to start. I begged the pharmacist, asking her to send it earlier, but she said there’s no way and we can only get the medicine from a few select pharmacies, mostly located in the Midwest.

I even called our clinic hoping they’d have a sample for us to start with through the regular nebulizer, but nope. This means that we’ll start our new treatments the day before Ryan leaves for a business trip for 5 days. I will be doing them all by myself, added time included, for 5 days straight.

Our NP is talking to Dr. N about possibly starting him on Cipro just because I feel something needs to start. But then again, I don’t want him to take antibiotics if it’s really not going to help. The whole thing just makes me anxious.

Sigh. I’m trying my best to stay positive but I’m having a really, really, hard time.


  1. love you guys! hang in there...we are praying for you to feel peace and hope as you wait!

  2. Hang in there. I agree, I think the Cipro is good. Our clinic said the research shows that Cipro doesn't help overall but since Madeline cultured it again..they said they wanted to add it. (Just trying another way to get rid of it!) We are still waiting on our TOBI too. It hasn't even gone through the insurance yet. :( I hate the waiting process and I feel your pain. I have confidence that Madeline and Ben will beat it!

  3. Yeah, I'm in the same boat. Azer's cough has been really wet, but it's only culturing as Staph, but I just don't like "leaving it alone" as it seems the doctor wants to do right now.

    I hope you can get that Tobi soon!


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