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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It’s sunny around here.

The weather has been beautiful (mid-70’s) and Ben has been a lot better.

Still a wet cough but we finally have our Tobi to start treatments. I teeter between being happy we have it and feeling sad. I’m thankful there are meds to treat the pseudo but am sad we are here. I wanted to hug the UPS man then flip him off. I’m sure my other CF moms know what I mean.

So, our Tobi is now nestled on our top refrigerator shelf, between Ben’s Pulmozyme and a six pack of Corona.


  1. ROFL!!!! Hilarious! So glad you got the Tobi!!

  2. Glad you finally got it margaux, I know exactly what you mean. Double edged sword isn't it? When we cleared Sophie of it for 18 months we did colomycin (sophs consultant doesn't think Tobi is any better, we regularly argue this one btw!!!) which seems to work well for her, cipro which sent her psychotic!! Seriously it wasn't pleasant and then two weeks of ivs. This all did the trick for her initially.

    I'm so wishing for this to clear for Ben, and you are currently doing everything you can.

    Hopefully the Tobi will start damping the cough down and kicking mr pseudo's ass asap!

    Is it still winter for you? That's some crazy heat if it is? We are lucky if we get that in summer here :)

    Take care ((hugs)) things will soon seem more brighter all round. We need more Ben pictures too!


  3. I know what you mean about the UPS guy. He always comments about how he is "sorry" he is late because he knows I fling open the door when I see his truck...Aka I have been waiting for him. I get angry when I realize I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR a guy to deliver meds to save my baby....but another time, I practice hugged the guy. I feel your pain. Hope your trio goes well with Ben. I love it- it's SUPER fast! :)

  4. You are too funny babe..Six Pack of Corona.


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