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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

We had a fun weekend despite the nasty weather outside. On Saturday, we took Ben to the Fair Oaks Egg hunt with our play group friends and had a blast even though it was packed!



They participated in an egg hunt then got to do their favorite activity- Run!


And of course, poke things with sticks Smile


This morning we did an egg hunt in our new backyard (!) with Ryan’s grandma and aunt and uncle, but it was a quick because of rain. I was delighted to find pre-stuffed Matchbox car and Thomas eggs at Target. I knew they would be a good distraction at brunch later and boy did Ben enjoy them.




We were supposed to go to a BBQ dinner tonight but Ben came down with a nasty cough, causing me to do an extra treatment during lunch. He went into a cough fit and barfed every where including on me. He then refused to nap. Needless to say, we never made it to dinner.

Happy Easter!


  1. Sorry you guys never made it to dinner. That last picture cracks me up. You both look perfectly smiling for the camera and Ben is clearly much more interested in his eggs! Happy Easter!!

    (P.S. what's up with the watermark? Has someone stolen your pics? That's my biggest fear of putting pics up on the 'net! Just curious!)

  2. Love the pic of the 3 of you! I think Madeline and Ben would get along great. She loves STICKS! Hope that Ben is feeling better!

  3. Great pictures!! Sorry Ben isn't feeling well and I am really sorry that you got barfed on. Always a mommy!


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