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Monday, April 11, 2011

Survival mode

I wanted to update before I left for Southern California but I didn’t have the chance. I was in survival mode since Wednesday and had no energy. Ryan had to go out of town so I was all on my own.

Ben’s fever finally went away on Wednesday but a lovely cough took it’s place. He was still sleeping a lot and had no appetite so we were taking things slow. I took him back to the doctors Friday morning for his 2-year well child examine. I was thankful it was scheduled when it was because I wanted the doctor to listen to his lungs because I was hoping to avoid a trip down to UCSF. Besides losing a pound and a half (still in the top 80th percentile), there was nothing too serious to report.

However, we did make an appointment with an Audiologist to check Ben’s hearing and were given a referral to a speech therapist. At 25 months Ben still only says a couple words and should be farther along at this age. I do not think he has a hearing problem and am not overly enthused by the idea of speech therapy. I believe he just needs more time and will talk when he’s ready. I’ll see what the Audiologist says and what the plan would be for speech therapy and go from there. I’m not overly concerned about it because Ben can throw a football and do a summersault on his own so it looks like I’m going to have a star athlete, not a scientist and I happy with that.

Ben’s blood work came back and his numbers were all over the board but his vitamin levels looked good which is what we were after. We knew his numbers were going to be off, having been so sick so I wouldn’t be surprised if UCSF wanted us to go back and redo his blood work.

My trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I was glad to get out of the house and see my family. I love Southern California, I came back refreshed and a bit sunburned. Pictures to come.


  1. Wow you really did need a break to get away. Glad u got me time. Sure hope Ben kicks this thing. M doesn't say too much either now at 26 months....but that is okay. Man the child can hear every word and responds in a extreme fashion to doritos...night night....and go outside. I am sure ben is similar. I tend to think thatour kiddos are th normal range and that books and peds have it all wrong. As a frmr teachr it just seems likesociety expects children to make early milestones than when we were small. Cannot wait to see ben become that star football player. Thinking of u!!

  2. Just wanted to add that Azer spoke "late" according to the doctor. He did have some speech therapy, but it was mostly to teach him how to chew food. Funny thing was, he knew how to eat, he just wasn't hungry. I'd say, if his hearing test comes back completely normal, don't stress the talking. It will come. Believe me. Azer barely said any audible words at Ben's age. Azer is now 7 and I cannot make the child be quiet. My husband always jokes, "Thank God we didn't continue with speech therapy or he would probably not stop talking to eat or sleep!"

  3. I can't wait to see sunburn pictures of you! :)

    And I absolutely agree about speech therapy. You can't make a kid talk whose brain isn't ready to talk. It just takes time and when come when the brain has developed that part of it. His brain is working on more important things such as how to throw and how to throw your body around in circles! All good to know!

    Oliver is very similar to Ben. We had Oliver's hearing checked out and I'm glad. It's nice to know he's got perfect hearing.

    These days he's a chatter box and cracks us up daily. Honestly, now that he's at the "why, momma?" stage I sometimes finding myself praying he'd shut up! :) j/k

  4. Aww shucks, I'm sorry Ben has been poorly. I went AWOL for a bit so only catching up now. Glad to hear things have been steadily improving, hope the cough vacates the party though.

    Although soph didn't have problems speaking, she was behind in other ways like walking-didn't even contemplate the idea until she was nearly 2, she was happy bum shuffling (never crawled). Unless there are reasons I wouldn't be too concerned, kids should be allowed to develop in their own time. Toilet training is another example, again soph was 3 when she decided she was ready. Our kiddos are super stubbourn :)

    Glad you had time to recharge your batteries, you've had a lot on of late and belated congratulations on your fundraising, awesome effort.

    Take care xx


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