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Tuesday, April 19, 2011


This is a picture of stubbornness. This is a picture of a little boy who refused to nap. It was a battle of the wills to get him into bed but Mommy won. Mommy always wins in the battle of wills. However, he made it clear that I can make him stay in bed but I can’t make  him lay down.


He finally fell forward from exhaustion and slept with his feet on his pillow. Gotta love the terrible twos!


  1. Ooh blogger just went strange!

    Aww bless him!! Soph stopped napping around 21/2, I'd drag them out as long as possible as I'm super exhausted entertaining little miss from 7-7!
    I also miss the twos, I know mad but aside from the embarrassment at times, they brought lots of laughter ;)

    Take care and hope you guys at well?


  2. Ps love bens bed spread :) x

  3. LOL. Madeline just plays in her toddler bed now instead of sleeps...totally the age. Glad they think alike and I am not alone. ;)

  4. We totally have that at our house too. But I've become resigned to being happy so long as she stays in her bed during 'nap' time. And if she actually lies down then she'll likely fall asleep. But we have a whole collection of pictures of the odd poses & places where she's fallen asleep.
    Best of luck keeping nap time going as long as possible.


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