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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Epic Failure

Urban Dictionary describes epic failure as this:

a failure so incredibly astounding it goes down in history with the guy who threw his shoe at President Bush and missed and Pet Rock.

"You just misspelled your name... epic failure.”

Well Ryan and I had our own epic failure this week. It started out with good intentions but resulted in us both shaking our heads and going home with a huge bag of popcorn, half an icee and a refund.

The epic failure you say? Taking Ben to see Cars 2. Yeah.

I tried to set us up to succeed. Got him down for his nap early, a HUGE bag of heavily buttered popcorn, matchbox Lightning McQueen and Mater in hand, Cars t-shirt on chest, and mommy and daddy at his side. We even played in the arcade during the previews in an attempted to “not lose him” too early.

The first indicator of the epic failure should have been the fact that he wouldn’t even sit in a seat. So we moved to the handicapped section where Ryan and I could sit and he’d walk around.

Next indicator of epic failure? Completely ignoring the movie and pointing out every single light on the nasty, sticky ground. I saw more of the movie then he did.

Last sign of epic failure? Ben fussing and trying to push open the heavy movie theater doors to leave after 30 minutes.

In conclusion, Ben’s first movie was a huge failure. But at least we had a good laugh and full bellies from all the popcorn.


  1. So funny! We had 'epic failures' over and over again with our boys! We would try the movies, the drive through safari, the zoo, the aquarium...they usually only paid attention to the 'main attraction' for about 10 minutes. Then it was the light switches, the stairs, the elevators, the vending machines, the toys in the gift shop...we have gotten so used to it that we never go in with high expectations and sometimes they surprise us! (But usually not) Cars 2 was wayyyy too long, i fell asleep and Aidan had to fill me in. His first movie that he sat through was age 4, I think?

  2. Awww bless him. Wow you are brave to even attempt it though. Still not contemplated the idea with Soph, I just cannot see how she could sit still for that long.

    I'm sure his cuteness allowed him to get away with all his antics though :)

    I hope you guys are well, let me know!?
    Take care xxx


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