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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I know, I know, another blogging break. We’ve just been super busy around here so I’ll get to the good stuff first- Ben’s culture results.

I was doubtful. Ben’s had a cough since we stopped Cayston and I attributed it to pseudomonas, thinking we still hadn’t ditched the clingy little bastard that is now a thorn in my side.

By Sunday afternoon, Ben’s cough had gotten so bad that I called our NP and had her write a prescription for Bactrim so Ben could start it. He’s been on it for 4 days and his cough is almost gone. Now on to the good stuff.

Drum roll please…..


That means no pseudomonas is showing up! We may have been able to shake it! Now, I’m being cautiously optimistic and until we get three free cultures, I won’t consider it completely gone but for the next month I plan on reveling in the feeling of not doing extra treatments or figuring out the next step. I’m having champagne to celebrate and Ryan and I have been giving each other high fives. Whoop! Whoop!!


  1. SUCH GREAT NEWS!!! I hope your are drinking the whole bottle tonight. No extra treatments!!! So happy for all of you <3

  2. Woohoo!! that is fantastic news margaux, so relieved and pleased for you :)
    I hope you enjoyed the champagne :)

    Also glad bens cough has gotten better too!

    Take care


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