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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


As I’ve said before, Ryan and I believe in positive reinforcement when it comes to Ben’s treatments. Now, that doesn’t mean he gets out of them if he doesn’t feel like doing it. It means that we try and find ways to make it fun so he’ll do them willingly. My hope is, he’ll learn in time how his treatments are good for him and make him feel better. I believe we can get here through positive reinforcement and giving the occasional break if absolutely needed.

The first thing I’ve learned is to not get frustrated or angry. Ben can sense this and feeds off it. I stay calm and work with him to get them done.

I also talk through the movie we are watching. Lately, he’s been all about the movie Cars. One of his favorite people, Auntie Megs, bought him the movie when we were at UCSF.  We talk about fast Lightening McQueen (below) is going, their different emotions or colors. I basically talk through the whole movie! Some may find this annoying but not Ben :)

cars-lightning-mcqueen We also have the new PARI LC Sprint nebulizer. This has cut down on our nebulizer time. It’s easy to clean, bubbles the fish hooks up to it, and it’s just different from our old nebs. I highly recommend it!

N1461I also show Ben how I can use the nebulizer. I put it up to my face then to his. This works for awhile. Lately, I’ve been bringing in his bear for him to nebulize. It’s been working out!!

Ben 19 months 031Ben nebulizing “Mr. Bear” while I nebulize him!! 

Ben 19 months 033 (What’s on B’s forehead? A major boo boo after a major wipeout at the park. Story tomorrow)

I also have found that taking off bubbles the fish mask for awhile helps. I think the salt on the mask irritates his skin. He had some bumps on his nose because of it. May not be the best way but it works. I can see him inhaling the HTS and that’s all that matters.

Does anybody have any more tricks for us to try??


  1. Margaux, we are also constantly looking for new strategies to keep Tom entertained during his treatments, especially when it is a TOBI month. The latest success strategy for us is the Australian Kids Entertainment group Hi 5 - he loves it and does not move - except to clap at the bits he loves! Let me know what else you discover! Good luck!

  2. Hiya

    What we used to do (which seems to have worked as she behaves herself now!)is always kept her favourite programme/dvd and she could ONLY ever watch it during treatments. No compliance, no programme.

    We also used to sing songs and nursery rhymes etc and it's how Sophie learnt to count during neb treatments (although I imagine more difficult with a mouthpiece :) ). It helped her judge how long was left as we only ever started counting towards the end.

    Now we entertain her with our iphones if she gets a little bored but the only thing I can really say is routine.

    Make sure you stick to the same times every day and lay the law down, 'this treatment is going to happen'. It's hard to start with but so worth the end result.

    I hope something there helps and again, good luck!


  3. Forgot to add, always stay calm, never show your frustration or anger but be firm and stick to your guns.

    Set the goal posts and do not move them.



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