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Friday, October 1, 2010

This ‘n’ that

To be honest we haven’t been doing too much lately. Last weekend we spent time with Ryan’s family at their cabin in beautiful Lake Tahoe. We have some new and exciting things coming up but nothing I’m ready to share yet.

So, I thought I’d give you a bit of an update on the Little Man…

~ He points and gets excited at just about every car or truck we pass. He runs around, pointing out the wheels.

~ He now says, “mama”, “dada”, “what’s that?”, “fan”, “that”, “hi”, “tractor” (Ryan swears he heard him say this!)

~ He loves to look through the newspaper until he finds the car ads. He does a little dance then starts pointing at each one saying, “what’s that?” it’s followed by… “Ultima. Nissan. Jeep Wrangler….” you get the picture :)

~ He uses a fork to eat but we can barely get him to sit down. We usually get most of his dinner in his mouth by a “drive by eating”. Do other parent’s experience this?

~ Any time music comes on, he starts dancing. It usually involves, teetering back and forth.

~ He gets upset and runs to the nearest person when Thomas the train crashes. He has such a tender little heart.

~ He weights 30 lbs and is 38 inches.

~ He loves to play chase with his friends especially during Gymboree. He gets so excited when they come near him that he puts his hands over his eyes, trying to hide.

~ Sometimes he laughs when he farts. Such a boy!!

~ We could sit and watch a construction site for hours.

~ When he gets really excited he sticks his tongue out and does a little dance.

~ He knows what sound most animals make.

~ He knows where his nose, ears and mouth are. He can also point out yours!

~ When one of us leaves, he runs around the house looking for us saying, “mama?” or “dada?”.

~ He can sniff out a Thomas product anywhere!

~ Every once in awhile he’ll grab the remote and point it at the television trying to turn it on.

~ He’s extremely good at dumping his puzzles out and getting better at putting them together!

~ He LOVES to wrestle on our bed with his dad. There are no wimps here!!

My personal fav….

~ He’ll pick out a book and run over to me, pointing to everything asking, “what’s that?”

~ He loves to eat fresh, whole fruit.

Ben 18 months 100Both of Ben’s grandpa’s work in produce. I’m sure they love this about him!

Ben 18 months 106


  1. Sounds like you are raising a boy! Very familiar! :)

  2. I can totally see him doing all those things. He is far too cute. I miss him! haha. Glad to hear the exciting thing is going well :)

  3. Boy, he makes that peach look GOOD! :)


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