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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Anna’s Story

I came across this video and just had to share.

We hope you can join us May 21st to walk for Anna, Ben and all the other CFer’s who fight against CF everyday!


  1. I watched this today and had to hold my tears in. What a sweet little girl.

  2. What a strong little girl and family. My heart goes out to them. Everyone needs to hear their story...and ours. We have to find a cure...for all of our little ones. <3

  3. Oh goodness. I'm a mess. God Bless Anna and her family. Thanks for sharing...might have to pass this along so others know just how important it is to support the CF community.

  4. Isn't that clip just amazing? A fellow CF Foundation employee shared the link and let me tell you, I was in tears. It is such a perfect example for why we all do what we do in the way of fundraising for the Foundation and why we will not stop until there's a cure! The sheer strength that all of you who deal with CF daily is amazing to me. You are my inspiration!

  5. I cried a lot!

    Such a beautiful girl and strong family, just the reminder everyone needs to fight daily and raise lots of money.

    I'm going to link to this post in my next blog if that's okay as I agree, it needs to be shared. The sad and scary truth is CF still takes children away from their loved ones and we need to emphasise the importance of Fudraising.

    I know I'm late but thanks for all the info on your last post too, even though we don't have cayston here (branded as azli) at the moment due to trials still going ahead, knowing whether it works will be a huge help to us when it does become available and I can't thank you enough for keeping us updated.

    Take care xxxx

  6. i saw this video and i coulnt stop crying! for days! i just kept picturing this little girl and her poor family! we are soo luckey and we need to realize that!


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