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Saturday, March 5, 2011


Things are starting to look up around here!

Ryan and I knew we needed to change something with Ben to get him back to sleeping on his own. So, yesterday we went and picked out a sleeping bag to help get him excited about sleeping on his own.

He passed up the Toy Story sleeping bag for his beloved Lightning McQueen. Of course, Ryan and I played it up, getting super excited and babbling on about how cool he’s going to look in his new sleeping bag (the people at Toys’r’us must have thought we were nuts!).

We put him to bed a bit later then usual, partly due to the fact that he took an extra long nap, and partly due to the fact that we were anxious with how it would go.

Well, a Lightning McQueen sleeping bad didn’t work. So we changed it up again, and rearranged his room.


Do you see the feet? I was trying to get him to smile but he decided to play hide-n-seek instead Smile

Looks like a new layout and keeping the door open have done the trick. For now. Fingers crossed.


  1. Great pic. I love little feet!!!

  2. Love those little feet sticking out!! I am dreading the day we switch :( Good luck!! I will be thinking happy thoughts for you all :)

  3. Awww cute pic!

    Bless him, sometimes a small tweak can make all the difference. We got soph a new bed yesterday, a full adult single bed. We changed her room around too and last night she stayed in her bed until 9 am this morning!! One off? Not sure but so far so good and we didn't have a little visitor at 4 am :)

    Although her cot bed was a bed per say, we think she felt too enclosed.

    Your at toy r us excitement made me laugh, we've done that too!! Anything for a good nights sleep eh?

    Take care and hope it continues xxx


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