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Monday, March 21, 2011

Type-A strikes again

Ryan is a type A personality. If you know him, this is no surprise. He likes things clean and organized. I, on the other hand, am not.

As you can imagine, compromise is something we have to work on and I think we’ve both gotten pretty good at it when it comes to keeping our home organized. We’ve tried to meet each other in the middle and have come a long way.

I always wondered how Ben would turn out, meaning which personality he would inherit. Last week, I caught a glimpse into this question.

My mom brought Ben some play doh for his birthday thinking he’d really like the manipulative play.


Not so much.


He poked at it for a few minutes then decided to put it all back in the containers


and line them up in a straight line with the label facing front. Guess I don’t have to wonder anymore.


  1. This is so funny. My favorite is that he puts the labels facing the same way. Early OCD? :) I hear firstborns are often like this.

  2. Oh bless him :)Clean and tidy isn't always a bad thing unless he becomes obsessive.
    It also shows he's pretty switched on at learning but we all knew that anyway :)

    Sophie has that same car Ben has btw! Wooden floor makes for interesting driving doesn't it? Hope Ben loves his as much as Soph does.

    Take care xx


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