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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Sleep issues, fundraising, bday party planning, oh my!

Well, my lack of posts should give away how busy we’ve been around here.

Ben’s sleep issues are 100% better. He was going through some major separation anxiety especially from Daddy. He was anxious as we were heading up the stairs for bed and couldn’t even concentrate through stories. After reassuring him several times how much we love him, how we are just outside and pointing out that the door will remain open so he can easy get to us, seems to have alleviated the problem. He’s less anxious around bedtime but is still overly attached to d-a-d-d-y which isn’t a bad thing. I don’t blame the kid, Ryan is pretty cool!

Our fundraising for the CF wine opener has been going well and I can’t thank people enough for all their contributions. We are still selling tickets and if you’d like to purchase them click HERE. Even if you can’t attend the event, you can still purchase tickets and help raise money for the CFF.

I have been ahead in my party planning and am almost ready to go. I purchased Ben’s Toy Story party supplies from Party City and was delighted to see that they are sponsoring the CFF this month and you make a donation that goes to directly toward research. If you’re in need of party supplies, head on over there to support all those living with CF.

Besides a Costco trip on Friday, we are pretty much set. The Toy Story bounce house and popcorn machine should arrive on time and I keep praying (everyday) that we have decent weather. Because we have no Plan B Smile

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