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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Great Strides details

Okay, this post is for my awesome Great Strides team, Ben’s Brigade!!
We’ll be meeting at the Capitol around 8:30am. My mom and I’ll have been there since 5:30 (eek!) so anytime you want to arrive before then is fine.
There will be coffee, muffins and fruit in the morning.
There are going to be TONS of activities for kids there. Fire engines, a clown, arts and crafts and a lot more. Come prepared to have some fun!
Lunch will be served after our walk.
We will take a team photo either after the walk or just before. Please don’t leave til then! I want to make sure we get everyone in it.
Bring some cash. There is a raffle with some REALLY, REALLY cool prizes that I helped put together. Trust me, you’ll want to participate.
There will also be Venders Village where various people will have tables set up, showcasing their different products (ie- Pampered Chef, Jewelry, Hair clips) so you can enjoy all they have to offer.
Any walkers who have collected money (that wasn’t donated online) will turn it into me or Ryan there. I’ll hand it off to the right people to be counted towards our team goal.
I will check in for our group. Just come find me and I’ll give you your t-shirt and food coupons.
This year we won’t be wearing anything specific. I’ll have our BB sign to designate our team and possibly balloons but nothing specific people need to wear. I just didn’t get my stuff together this year to make it happen.
You can park in the 10th and L parking garage for a flat $5 fee for the day.
GS is stroller and dog friendly so bring either.
Call me or Ryan anytime. We can’t wait to get out and raise awareness for our little stud!!

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