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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

A successful Strides

We are done! And successful!

I don’t think we could have asked for a better day. I got out of bed easily (at 4:45) and my mom and I were on the road to the Capitol by 5 am. We went through set up and before I knew it, our team was there to walk.

Great Strides 2011 027

I can’t say thank you enough, to all our walkers. I know some people traveled far to be with us and we appreciate all the effort. A huge thank you goes out to my mom and Ryan’s aunt and grandma who stayed after to help with the raffle.

Great Strides 2011 037

The weather was gorgeous and everything went off without a hitch.

Great Strides 2011 020

There was a wall of champions put up to show off all the CFer’s in our area.

Great Strides 2011 035

It took all weekend for me to recover but I truly think it was our best year yet. Thank you again to all who came out to show support for our little man. We exceeded our Sacramento chapter goal of $150,000!


  1. Wow- love our little sign! Is that your handwriting?! Amazing! Sounds like Sacrameto really kicked cf butt this year in fundraising! Thanks for sharing! When do you return to clinic? We go on Friday :(

  2. Wow you guys have done amazing! Awesome awesome effort and very well done. Photos ate great and looks like a fun time was had by all :)

    Hope you guys are well? Any news on the dreaded mr p yet or are you still on treatment? Trying to catch up with everyone again after our time out.

    Take care xx


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