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Thursday, February 25, 2010

From baby to boy

I get so many call and emails from family members saying how much they love seeing pictures of Ben. I mean, who can blame them? He is a little stud. So I had to put up some more for everyones enjoyment. It’s been so easy to take pictures of him, he has really taken off the last couple weeks. He has quickly turned into a little boy who is hard to keep up with!

He loves to help me vacuum. He has to be the only child not scared by it!


His new tunnel has provided hours of fun for both him and Sailor!


The newness of TOBI has worn off so we have to think of creative ways to get it done. Hense watching the Wiggles on Dad’s shoulders!

IMG_2281The remote is his new obsession. He actually pushes the buttons and looks at the TV to see if it’s turned on. Perhaps he watches too much? We try to not let him but between CPT and TOBI time, he does get his fill.

IMG_2288  IMG_2290

He even tried to change Sailor!

IMG_2291That’s our little man!

1 comment:

  1. The remote control and the cat picture just made me laugh out loud! Love it!!


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