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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Positive CF news

Today, there is positive news on the CF front. The FDA has approved the inhaled antibiotic drug, Cayston. This drug will help CF patients to fight of Pseudomonas, the bacteria Ben just cultured. Right now, TOBI, is the only inhaled drug to help fight this infection. If left untreated, pseudomonas can lead to lung infections. Lung infections are the leading cause of death in CFers so the more drugs available, the better. Many CFers develop a resistance to existing antibiotics so it is wonderful that there is now another drug to help them fight off pseudo. If you’d like to read more about Cayston, click HERE.

Cayston, is ONLY available because of the CF Foundation. They helped fund and advocate the development/approval of the drug. All the more reason for us to continue donating to the CFF. Every dollar counts! 90 cents of each dollar goes directly towards research for better drugs and a cure. Please, please, please continue to donate what you can. You can sign up to walk/donate/learn more by clicking my Great Strides widget on the upper left hand side.

Do it for this guy….


It is estimated that we lose someone to CF EVERYDAY.

I refuse for Ben to be one of them. We will fight tooth and nail, with everything we have until there is a cure or control for this disease. Please join us in our fight!

1 comment:

  1. Omgosh! This is amazing news! My son doesn't have CF but he does have degenerative/progressive lung disease and unfortunately has been colonized with Pseudomonas for nearly 7 years now. He's had several active Pseudo infections over the years and each time I just hold my breath praying ever so hard what we give him will work. My little guy is allergic to the TOBI so that has never been an option for us which only left us combos of Zosyn/Vanc and on one occasion every combo we tried failed and we were left with only Aztreonam also known as Azactam. It took nearly 6 months on the hospital and the drug did in fact work but that darn drug nearly killed him. As a last resort I would let them use it again but ONLY IF it were the last resort. YAY for CF Foundation! Now lets pray first we don't need it and second my little guy is not allergic to it too ;)


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