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Thursday, February 18, 2010


…got a haircut!

IMG_2214Half of you voted (thanks for voting!) to have his hair grow out but I couldn’t let it get any shaggier. She did do a faux hawk style when she was done but I didn’t have her cut it this way.

I took him to a Jack and Jillybean’s children’s salon in Roseville. We both had a good time! He sat in a police car with Thomas the Train playing until the DVD wouldn’t play.IMG_2204So we moved to the fire engine to watch Baby Einstein.

IMG_2206  IMG_2208

IMG_2210 IMG_2213

I am very happy with the results. She did a great job and even after we washed the gel out, his hair looks good. It’ll be the perfect length by the time his birthday party comes around.

We had to show off his new, cool hair style so we decided to move on to the Roseville Galleria Mall. We window shopped and played in the children’s area.

IMG_2216   IMG_2217

IMG_2218 IMG_2220


We are continuing to take advantage of our beautiful weather (70’s) by getting out. Ben stood and watched our gardener mow the lawns for twenty minutes. Pure fascination.


1 comment:

  1. Hey Margaux! It seems like ten lifetimes ago since we were in high school! Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy keeping up with your blog. It seems like you have embraced life's challenges with determination and optimism! That makes all the difference! Ben looks like quite a happy and handsome boy!!



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