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Monday, February 15, 2010

Wacky Tacky

The weather here has been beautiful the last couple days (almost 60’s- Jen don’t be jealous!) . So, we are trying to get out and enjoy it. I have been getting Ben out of the house to exude some energy. Ever sense Ben started walking, our apartment has felt smaller.
Today, we went with my MOPS group to Wacky Tacky in Roseville. We had quite the day! Manny walked around everywhere!

IMG_2172IMG_2175IMG_2181IMG_2174I didn’t realize, however, that being a Monday on a three day weekend, would make this place crazy. There were ten-year-olds running around almost knocking down Ben.  At least Ben got some good energy out. He was asleep in his car seat before we left the parking lot.

And, because no blog posting would be complete without an almost-nuddy pic…….


He’s been kicking this ball around the last couple days. Ryan and I think he’s going to make an excellent soccer player  :)


  1. Hi Margaux! We went to high school together if you don't know who I am:) I saw the link to your blog from Kaysie's and thought I'd check it out. Your son is absolutely gorgeous! I saw that you went to Wacky Tacky in Roseville. My boyfriend's family lives in Folsom and we love to take his neice to The Bounce Palace there. She is 22 months now but has been going for a few months. She absolutely loves it! Not the best place on a busy rainy day because of all the older kids but she has so much fun. And I believe it's free for under two year olds and they don't charge for adults ever. I'm sorry this is so random but for some reason I felt inclined to share this fun place:) Have a wonderful day!

  2. Hi Breanna,

    We actually went to bounce palace last week. That place was crazy but so much fun! We live in Folsom and are loving it. Thanks for passing on the info and let me know if you know of any other places :)

  3. I should have known you would know about that place:) That area is pretty small so all new or fun places everyone seems to know about. I'm glad you like the area. It does seem like a great place to raise a family!


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