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Sunday, February 14, 2010


Ben 11 months 015

Happy Valentines Day!!

Ben is continuing to do phenomenal during treatments. The TOBI takes about 20 minutes, the length of two wiggles episodes so it works out perfectly.

He is walking 85% of the time. He only crawls when he is going after our cat, Sailor. He has even learned to stand up on his own. It’s so cute, he puts his little butt in the air then slowly stands up. I’ll have to get a video of him doing it, it’s priceless!

His appetite seems to be coming back. It took a dive last weekend when the cough made it’s appearance. His favorite food is smoothies which I have been making him. He even knows how to use a straw. His enjoys walking around drinking his smoothie.

Ben 11 months 009 Ben 11 months 011As you can see, he’s walking everywhere!



Continuing to give LOTS of kisses to everyone!

Ben 11 months 006Ben 11 months 005


I love hearing from you, thank you!

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