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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A discovery

For the last week Ben has just been acting bad. Fussing for no reason, clingy, not listening and just all around different. Ryan and I weren’t sure if it was still due to the hospital stay or not. His BM’s were also off. He was having multiple a day which wasn’t like him. He’s usually pretty regular. Something wasn’t adding up.

I talked to the CF team and they said that his Creon dosage was correct for his weight and that they wanted us to wait it out and give him some more time before they added/changed his meds. My mom suggested that he may be teething so I looked in his mouth but saw nothing except the six he already had.

We couldn’t figure out what was going on with our little man. We had been  tossing around ideas all day. We HATE having to be tough on him especially when it seemed like something was bothering him. Perhaps we were entering the terrible two’s early.

Tonight, I was sitting next to him on the floor when I noticed him chewing on his fingers. Something he normally does not do. So I cleaned my hands and stuck my finger in his mouth to give the teething theory another shot. And low and behold….

We have our first top molar!!

I am so excited for Ben to be getting more teeth. I feel like he’s kinda behind with only six seven but his regular pediatrician said to not worry. I am more thankful for an explanation to his fussiness. We can help him now by giving him some Motrin and knowing what’s going on with him.

He also went in for his fifth (who’s counting at this point?!) haircut yesterday. He screamed. the. entire. time. Ugh.

Ben 17 months 055 He’s lucky he’s such a cutie :) Probably the last time we’ll buzz him hair. I’ll grow it longer as it turns into fall and winter.

1 comment:

  1. Yay to a new tooth! I'm sure they will all start popping out soon and then you will have the joy of cleaning them all :)

    He's so handsome! Love his new hair cut, gorgeous!



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