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Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday and update

First of all, I have to say Happy 29th birthday to my wonderful husband!!

l_8dc75a5c852ae2ebd4f2b495dfe43587I just had to add this adorable picture of him when he was younger :)

l_849fd7549b931db164c61b74a6c62e90I love you very much Ryan and I can’t wait to celebrate many more birthdays with you!! <3


Things at the hospital have been going okay. We were moved down a floor which may not seem like a big deal but it was. I felt like we finally had a flow going, knew the nurses and had some-what adapted. We were on the oncology floor and are now on the regular pediatric floor. It’s loud down here because the children are a lot more active and our room is smaller. We are taking it day by day and every time they hook up his Tobramcyin, I am glad we are here. We are getting some good medicine in him that will hopefully clear out the pseudomonas for good.

We have also upped his enzymes from 4 to 5 a meal. He was having diarrhea from the antibiotics which developed into a nasty diaper rash. The good news is we have medical grade diaper rash cream that cleared it up in a day.  We decided to up his enzymes just in case he had outgrown his last dosage. Our dietician was also concerned that he hadn’t gained any weight in the last two and a half weeks. He’s obviously an extremely healthy weight, they just get a bit concerned when he stops gaining. So, we are now keeping track of his calorie intake over 24 hours.

Here are so new pics in our new room:

Ben 16 months 199 Ben 16 months 208 Ben 16 months 210A continuous thank you for all who are offering up prayers, have sent packages, baked cookies, written cards and have emailed me. We are so lucky to have such an awesome support system. You guys are keeping us going. Thank you!!


  1. Thanks for the hospital update!! Why did you guys move floors? Glad to hear you're telling those doctors/nurses the way it is!! Ya'll look like you're having fun and doing a great job with Ben. But I know that you're probably SO ready to go home!!

  2. P.S. Happy Birthday, Ryan!

  3. Good to hear you are doing good and have made it to the half way point! I am so jealous of the nice nebs you get there. we got the stinky dispoasable ones in the hospital here. Hope the remaining half of the stay goes good. :)

  4. He looks great! Hope you get out of there soon!!


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