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Tuesday, August 17, 2010


WE ARE HOME!! I’m sorry I didn’t update yesterday, we were just too exhausted. Ben’s CT scan went well, a bit hard to see him sedated again but he did great with everything. Even better is the news we got from the scan.

The preliminary findings show no damage, only a slight amount of mucus (which is not concerning because he does have a small cold), no inflammation or air pockets. This is EXTREMELY good news!! Most lung damage is irreversible so we are so thankful that Ben has none at this point. woohooo!!

We were unable to do his PFT’s which was a huge disappointment. We couldn’t move him in time from the CT scanner to where PFT’s are done. We didn’t want to sedate him a second time in one day so we will be having them done in the next couple months. I wish we could have had them done there but I am satisfied with scheduling them in the next couple months.

Of course, Ben is so excited to be home! Carl survived and so did our cat. I got a good nights sleep and feel like a new woman today :)

Ben 16 months 218Ben 16 months 220Ben 16 months 221Ben was very to see his beloved Sailor 

1 comment:

  1. So happy you guys are home and Ben's CT scan went good!!!! Xoxo


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