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Friday, August 20, 2010


Summertime is still in full swing here in Folsom. After our dreary, cold stay in San Francisco, we were excited to be back to the heat. The weather, in my opinion, has been perfect- high 80’s/ low 90’s. However my girlfriend April, who is due to have her second daughter any minute, would have to argue. But wouldn’t you at nine months pregnant?!

I’ve been trying to keep Ben busy since we’ve been home. Today we went over to our friends house to enjoy their backyard and some water toys. Our Hawaiian tan has disappeared due to the florescent glow we endured for two weeks, so I thought it was time to get out and get some vitamin E.

I brought over some watermelon and B ate the whole thing!

Ben 17 months 023Ben 17 months 021 He had a blast with Avery’s water table.

Ben 17 months 012So much in fact, that he drank like a dog from it.

Ben 17 months 016  Pretty hilarious!!

Ben 17 months 015 We are so glad to be back where we belong!!

Ben 17 months 027 Ben 17 months 030 Our HS arrived today. Fingers crossed, B’s cough doesn’t flare up again!

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