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Monday, August 2, 2010


We had a great weekend in SF. The weather was crummy, cold and windy but otherwise we made the most of it. Of course, we had the hospital stay looming over us.

Ben had a blast in our hotel room, rearranging the mini-bar.

Ben 16 months 129Is it bad that we let our child play with mini alcohol bottles? :)

Seeing Thomas was so much fun. The weather was freezing but Ben had the best time.

Ben 16 months 111  It was great to hang out with Ryan’s family and let Ben get some of his energy out, running around the field, playing with trains and pointing out all the Thomas flags up on display.

Ben 16 months 146 Ben 16 months 143

Ben 16 months 118 He was quivering with excitement over the stream engines that went around the park tooting their horns

Ben 16 months 132 Ben 16 months 112

Ben didn’t particularly enjoy the train ride around the park because it meant he had to stay in one place :)

Ben 16 months 149 Ben 16 months 155

We did have a blast and are excited for next year!

Ben 16 months 135

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