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Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Green light

We’ve been busy!!

On Thursday, Mr. B and I traveled down to Pleasanton to get him checked out by our CF team. He was weighed, 29 1/2 lbs and measured, 38 1/2 inches!! His weight has held steady around 29-30 lbs but he has had a growth spurt up. At the rate he’s growing, our doctors estimated he’ll be about 5’10” when he’s done growing. Not sure where his height comes from but we welcome it!

We went over our usual questions then the doctor came in and did a thorough examine of his tummy. She pressed on it, making sure there were no sensitive areas or hardened areas that could be possible blockages. Everything felt normal and his lungs were clear! So we were given the green light to up his enzymes. Ben now takes six Creon 6’s with meals. Phew, that’s a lot of enzymes to fit on a spoon of applesauce! The best news is that I’ve already seen an improvement in his BM’s. They appear to be back to normal, hooray!!

After our visit, Ben and I continued down to Carmel where my parents live. On Friday we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium with our good friends, Lindsay and Abby.

Ben 18 months 014Ben 18 months 004 Ben 18 months 010

Ben 18 months 015 Ben 18 months 012 Ben 18 months 011

We had such a great time and the weather was gorgeous. Thank you to my mom who took many great pictures. It was nice to actually be in some!

On Saturday, Ben and I traveled back to Roaring Camp Railroad (where we saw Thomas) in Felton. My dad’s work was having their company picnic there so Ben and I decided to horn in.

Ben 18 months 016 I knew I couldn’t pass up the opportunity for Ben to see trains, eat fun food, play in bounce houses and spend time with his grandparents.

Ben 18 months 019  Ben 18 months 022

Of course, he had the best time!

Ben 18 months 026 Ben 18 months 032

Ben 18 months 030

1 comment:

  1. Way to go Ben! Wow, I wish Nathan would eat enough to take 6 enzymes with his meals. =)


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