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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up

We had an uneventful but very fulfilling weekend here at the Hughes home. On Saturday, we took Ben to Home Depot to look at some things and then had a visit from our friend Kaysie. She came by to bring Ben a late hospital gift- a Thomas backpack filled with Thomas stuff. What could be more exciting for Ben?! Nothing!! Thank you Kaysie!

Ryan and I proceeded to spend the afternoon and evening watching all three Back to the Future movies while Ben played with trains and watched Thomas on my computer. The weather has turned ugly so it was nice to spend the day inside.

Sunday morning I brought out Ben’s crayons so he could color. He seemed to have more fun dumping the crayons out and putting them back in though.

Ben 18 months 056 Whatever makes him happy :)

Ben 18 months 059 We decided to get out later and take Ben to the mall so he could run around. We went by a toy store and Ben immediately found the train.

Ben 18 months 069He kept waving to it as it went by him

Ben 18 months 073  Ben 18 months 074

Tomorrow, we will find out the preliminary results on Ben’s culture. When he’s grown pseudomonas, it usually shows up by Monday. I will put in a call first thing tomorrow morning. Please, please, keep your fingers crossed!! If Ben does culture pseudo again we will be switching him to Pulmozyme in the morning with Hypertonic Saline at night. We will also pick our TOBI up again too. There really is nothing more we can do if he is still growing it out. We’ll be on TOBI and Pulmozyme permanently until we get three free cultures.

If the culture is clear we will just continue with the HTS 2x a day and will not start TOBI again. We will go back in a month and reculture. If he cultures it then, we’ll proceed with the meds stated above.

I’ll update as soon as I know. I hope everyone else had a good weekend!!


  1. Sophie is obsessed with Thomas too, what is it with that little blue train :)

    I will keep everything crossed that the culture is clear! I know only too well how much of a beast pseudo is. Sophie is classed as colonised now and she nebs pulmozyme and colomycin for hers.

    Take care and please let us know when you have news.


  2. PS thanks for your comment Margaux. Seriously I am getting worried about her, she constantly talks about the pub!!

    (btw it was sophies friends birthday not hers, however she insisted on everyone saying happy birthday to her so she'll love your comment!!) :D XX


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