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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


I’ve made a parenting mistake. Shocking, I know.

In the hospital, we tried everything to distract Ben while getting through hours of treatments. One thing was to bring up Thomas the Train website on my computer. It has videos and pictures of all the engines. This became one of Ben’s favorite activities.

Well, low and behold, my little Man remembers that Thomas can appear on mom’s computer. Lately, every time I get my computer out, he starts pointing at it and wanting Thomas.

Ben 18 months 033Who could resist such a cute face? I let him watch for a bit in the mornings or anytime during his treatments.

Ben 18 months 034 His favorite thing to do is push the buttons. Not only does it make things appear on the screen but it also gets a reaction from Mommy.

Ben 18 months 036 There may be less blog posts in the future. I blame Thomas.


  1. I wouldn't consider that a mistake. I'd consider it a victory! It's nice to know you have that one thing he loves, and that it can calm him and distract him during those moments when you lose patience or need a couple minutes to collect yourself. Some people might look down on that sort of thing as an easy way out....but sometimes moms need an easy way out! :) Yay for Thomas!

  2. So funny! Why do they always want OUR computers and OUR phones? They have a million toys but they always want OURS! :)

  3. Hehe! We have exactly the same problem with Sophie. She's also a Thomas fanatic, think they would get on splendid! (minus the cross infection issue).

    Word of caution, Sophie managed to get the computer to do things we didn't even know existed! It also took me 2 hours once to get the screen back to normal after she had shrunk it to the size of a stamp and managed to remove the tool bars completely so couldn't just 'zoom'.

    Kids eh? :D


  4. Does he pull keys off too? That's one of Nathan's favorite past-times. LOL

  5. I say rock the Thomas episodes, and enjoy a cup of coffee :).


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