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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tummy trouble

Just when I thought our little man had turned a corner, health wise, he barfs. Last night. Everywhere.

So, I took him in this morning to our regular Ped to have him checked out. He still doesn’t have a fever but continues to have loose BM’s. He is losing weight and I can tell in his arms and stomach. He still doesn’t want to eat much and last night when he threw up, I knew I needed to get him in. They took a stool sample (lucky them!) and will have it tested for Rotavirus and C. diff. We should have the results back later this week.

Until then we are off dairy and on a high starch diet. We’ll see if this helps. I’m also talking to his clinic about switching enzyme brands. Currently, we are on Creon but have had trouble with them since the hospital. The IV antibiotics could have destroyed all the good bacteria in his intestines causing tummy issues. We have added in probiotics (good bacteria) to see if this helps at all. I sure hope we get good culture results from that hospital stay because the after math has not been pleasant. I do hope that it’s nothing more then needing to start a new enzyme or going off dairy. I’ll keep you posted!


  1. i don't know if you have heard of the B.R.A.T. diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast)it works for when little ones have the runs or vomitting in your case.

    hope that helps!

  2. Not to throw lots of advice out there, but when Bryce was on Cipro they also had him take one capsule of Culturelle (sp?) to replace the good bacteria the Cipro stripped out. Hope you get his tummy troubles fixed soon.

  3. Madeline had RotoVirus at 4 months. She was throwing up and had loose BMS like crazy. We couldnt keep anything down but water and pedialite. She picked it up after her hospital stay. Rota runs rampid in hospital. Hope things get better soon!

  4. Poor little fella :( In a way hope it is just a viral bug as that'll mean it'll pass quickly.

    Sophie caught norovirus on one admission and closed the ward down to any new admissions until she was clear of it!

    Lots of positive vibes that it is something that will pass really quick, and he's back to his happy self soon xxx


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