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Friday, March 19, 2010


Ryan, B and I are in Carmel for the next couple days at my parents house. Ryan gave his two-week notice to SB but they asked him to make Monday his last day. So, we are taking advantage of our two weeks with daddy! It's nice to get some time in with Ryan, he's going to have a pretty hectic schedule once he starts on the 29th. A lot of traveling at first, down to LA and San Diego. I'm even trying to work in a weekend for Ben and I to fly down. Perhaps a trip to Disneyland?! We shall see. Ryan's hesitant about me flying with Ben for the first time alone but I feel pretty comfortable with it.

While down here we are seeing old friends, friends that could not make it up to Ben's party and perhaps a trip to the Aquarium.
The weather has been beautiful! Two days ago, I actually had to buy Ben some spring/summer clothing. Little man has pretty much been set with clothes since birth so it was a shock when I went to put on some of his old shorts and they didn't fit.

Now that Ben's birthday party is over, I'm focusing on our Great Strides walk, May 1st. We need as many people as possible to donate or walk or both! You can join my team or donate by clicking my GS widget at the top left hand side of my blog. You can also find it on my Facebook page. Zero is the amount of government mandated money towards CF research. Great Strides is the main fundraising effort that the CFF puts on so it's very important that we get as many donations as possible. I truly believe there will be control for this disease in the next 15 years and we need your help to get it here! 90 cents of every dollar donated goes directly towards reserach. I know times are tough but even a small donation will help. Please continue to give whatever you can. I'm just a mom, fighting for my son's right to live a long and healthy life. Please join my fight!!

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