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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Thank you Lord

Today is our last day of TOBI!!! Yay!!! Can you tell I’m excited??!! I am!! It feels so good to have it done. We may need to do another 28-day cycle but at least we can chill for 28 days before starting again. If Ben has gotten rid of the pseudomonas, we can stop but if not, we will need to do another round.

Of course, I have to run Ben down to UCSF (just a short 2-hour drive) for a five minute culture test. Ugh. Right in the middle of his birthday week. I’m trying not to stress, the party will come together.

On Sunday, we went to my girlfriend, April’s house. I am borrowing a bunch of party stuff from her so we went to go check out what she had. She has a daughter, Ella, who is 2 1/2 who Ben loves. He loves going over there, following Ella around, and of course, playing with her toys. Ella always seems to have the coolest toys! We got some great ideas from her for future toys.

Ben 11 months 101Ben loved her ride-on trike.

Ben 11 months 098Daddy even pushed him around!

Ben 11 months 099  Ben 11 months 100

Sweet little Ella in her “Mary pose” as I was calling it!

Ben 11 months 102


  1. Yay for last day of TOBI.. Ps Thank you, I got the Xoponex in the mail today. I am wondering if I will even see a difference since the albuterol is so built up in his system. But I can always talk to the doc about it. =)

  2. Yea Ben! Way to stick it out little buddy. And huge congrats to the wife for making it happen.


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