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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Benjamin Bunny

Yesterday, my mom and I took Ben to the mall to get his picture taken with the Easter bunny. I wasn’t too sure how he’d react. Okay, I’m lying- I thought he was going to freak. I tried to chose a good time; right after his nap with a full tummy.

Well, we got there and there was no Easter bunny in his house! I turned to my mom and said that I was going to be so annoyed if I got Ben all dressed up, drove to the mall and there was no darn bunny.

However, the lady at the cash register reassured me that he was going to be right back. Sure enough, I saw a bunny walking through the mall with a trail of kids. We were the first in line and Ben just stood there watching. When they removed the rope cord he literally ran to the Easter bunny. It was hilarious!

I picked Ben up and sat him on his lap. He looked up at the bunny, then over at me and smiled.


ben easter As I went to pay and pick up our prints, Ben escaped and tried to run back to see the bunny. He almost ran into someone else’s photo! I should have known my little man would be okay.


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