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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Happy Dance

Ryan and I are doing the happy dance! Why, you ask? Two reasons…

1. Ben’s culture results came back and he is no longer growing pseudomonas!!!!!! Yay!!!

This means we (a) don’t have to do anymore TOBI and (b) can put the Pulmozyme talk to rest for awhile!! We are so relieved, pseudo can be a stubborn little sh*t and tends to make it’s home permanently in CFer’s lungs. We are so thankful that it only took one round of TOBI for us to get rid of it. Ben will have to be cultured two more times to make sure but the fact that it isn’t showing up on our first culture is a good sign.


That means this guy can spend more time watching the gardener and less time doing treatments!!


2. My aunt’s brain surgery was a success and she is doing well in recovery, another thing to be thankful for.

Won’t you join us in celebrating?!

I’m off for a celebratory cocktail because life is good!


  1. whohooo! great news Margaux! cheers!

  2. great news about the pseudo! It is a nasty little bug. R. cultured it and it took us 2 rounds of tobi and a round of tobi and cipro to get rid of it. Nasty little stuff. Glad to hear it is gone. Hopefully it's gone for a long long time!

  3. YEA!!! That's awesome!! I am so celebrating with you right now:)

  4. Yep those are both worth a celebration!


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