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Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy 2010

We hope everyone had a wonderful New Years. We certainly did, down here in Carmel. My aunt, uncle, cousin, and girlfriend, all came over last night for Prime Rib. Even though I don't eat red meat, we had a great feast. Today, we opened presents with my parents and let me tell you, we are spoiled. Our big gift is a Maui trip in June. Lucky, I know! Ben opened multiple toys, clothes and books. Some to take with us and some to leave at Jammi and Boppa's (my parents). We are taking today slow, I have had a killer migraine stalking me for the last couple days. You know it's bad, when I didn't drink on New Years and Ben did not take a good morning nap. So, we are hanging out, watching tv, eating, some drinking, more eating, more drinking and relaxing. Later we are going to hit up some wineries that are only a couple miles away. I'm still trying to decide what my new years resolution is but I hope you all have yours!
Ben with my Uncle

Ben with his godmom, Megan

New Years fun (yes, that is my father with a lamp shade hat on!)

My cousin, me and Megan

My love and I

Opening presents and me with my new boots and pink snuggie!

1 comment:

  1. Had a blast this New Years! Love you two, lets do it again...


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