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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The million dollar question

"When are you having your next baby?"

This seems to be a question I'm getting a lot lately, so I thought I'd address it. I think it's only natural for people to be curious and to think that our next one won't be too far behind. So let me set the record straight- Ryan and I are not financially nor emotionally ready for another child.

Don't get me wrong, Ben has been the biggest joy in our lives. We love him more then we thought possible. We did think that our children would be close in age but our circumstances have changed. The economy isn't what it used to be and with every conception we have a 25% chance of having a baby with CF. That is something we don't take lightly.

After being pregnant for nine months and breastfeeding for nearly eleven, I'd like time to just be. Time to myself, time with Ryan, and time with Ben. We are enjoying being a family of three for now.

We have been thinking, discussing, and praying about this for awhile. We are making decisions that we feel is best for our family. We feel that when the time is right we will know. Our next move is to buy a house but who knows how long that may be. I feel comfortable leaving you with this; when we buy a house, Baby Hughes 2.0 will soon follow :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Margaux, I am a CF Mom too, my little boy - Tom, is 8 months old, so I can identify with so much of what you share in this fabulous blog! Ben is just gorgeous and you and Ryan should be so proud of the wonderful job you are doing - it is not easy, but you look so at ease - congrats! We also have a three year old little boy so life is very busy, but as you know children make it all worth it, despite the worry. WE are in Orange County, CA and as yet we haven't got our blog organised, but I will absolutely keep up with yours - it is such a celebration of a healthy, lovely family!!
    Can I ask, how is the Gymboree, I was thinking about taking Tom along to a class, but am a little concerned about germs etc - were you nervous? I would really like you take on things!! Same with swimming! Our doctors have advised against swimming as yet! We live by the beach and spend so much time by the pool, so we really wanted to test the waters so to speak with our Tommy, but on hold at the moment.
    Anyway, off to clean nebs now - again thanks for this site, it is so comforting to see another family that is just like us, enjoying life and managing CF to just be part of life, not the focus of life!! My email is - please keep me updated! Bug hugs to your little man.....Oh, and about number two - love your addressing of the never ending question... Best Natalie x


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