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Monday, January 25, 2010


Our new gymboree class is going okay. We went from being one of three children to one of ten. The children are a lot more active and I think Ben was taken back in our first class. He spent most of the time just watching other kids! This class has a lot more physical activites so I think it’s good for him. However, I have found that I have a harder time keeping things (ie- balls, beanbags, plastic toys) out of his mouth.

I foam with our antibacterial hand foam, ever time we go to a new activity. I also don’t let him put anything in his mouth which can be unavoidable. Sometimes, I catch the other mom’s looking at me while I foam both of us. I struggle with announcing to our class that Ben has CF or not. I want other mom’s to know why I sanitize so much but another part of me doesn’t want anyone to look at him differently. For now I will keep silent but I’m sure a time will come when I need to speak up.

After our class, there is open gym time. I often stay with Ben to let him play until he gets tired. It can be hard at times, other mom’s come in with older children that run wild. Last Friday, some brat boy started throwing balls at my head! The first time, I let it go, smiled at him and glanced at his mom (who was in deep convo with another mom, completely oblivious to what was going on). The second time, I picked up Ben and moved away. The third time, he started throwing them at Ben! Talk about maternal instinct, I nearly threw one back at him! Teach him to mess with my child! However, I held myself back and grabbed the ball from his hand, told him no in a loud voice (so his mother would notice) and moved completely away.

I have joined a mom’s group, MOPS, at a church in Roseville. Today was my first day. I brought Ben into the group because I’m not ready to leave him in the childcare. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy and I’m not sure how often I’ll make it. A 10 1/2 month old doesn’t sit still for long.

Before we know it, he’ll be walking!

ben ten months 035

His new favorite activity is to pull all his books off the shelf. Because I don’t have enough to do already!


ben ten months 036

1 comment:

  1. I know what you mean about the "To tell or not to tell" dilemma. I'm so thankful that my son looks so healthy and acts so healthy, but you want to tell everyone how hard it is to help keep him that way especially at such a young age when they can't help in that themselves. It IS us protecting them the best we can. Even if other moms look at us like we are insane germophobes. It's tough in these winter months and kudos to you for bringing your son out and letting him play with other kids while taking the precautions you need to. I feel like we've been quarantined for the past month after two rounds of antibiotics for different illnesses right after the other. Keep doing what you feel is comfortable!


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