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Monday, June 7, 2010

And the surprise is….

Ben 15 months 067

We buzzed the Little Man’s hair!

Now, I know that some of Ben’s Auntie’s are sad, they love his precious light brown locks but we needed to do something. His hair was getting so long and he was continuously sweating so we thought this would be good for him this summer, to help keep him cool.

He looks absolutely adorable but he flipped-out when we cut it so Ryan has had to go back a couple times to fix some spots. It may get a bit shorter before we leave for Hawaii.

Ben 15 months 050 Ben 15 months 053

Ben 15 months 054We almost gave him a faux hawk but we decide that for now, we’d best buzz the whole thing.  Maybe as it grows out, we’ll try a faux hawk.

Ben 15 months 055 Ben 15 months 058

Some more buzzed pictures I took yesterday

Ben 15 months 062 Ben 15 months 063Ben 15 months 065 Ben 15 months 070I hope every one thinks it’s as adorable as we do! And for those of you keeping count, this is haircut #4....


  1. We used to do this for our boys each summer too. Now they are old enough to have their own opinions and they don't like it as much...but I think Ben looks adorable! :)

  2. He looks soooo adorable!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!!

  3. I have been wanting to do the same for Lil' Chris, but my hubby won't let me;( I told him just for the Summer since he gets so hot, but still it's a no go;( Oh well, maybe I'll break him someday;) lol
    PS. Lil' Chris says "thanks for the birthday wish on my blog" =)


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