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Friday, June 18, 2010

Maui 2010 (Cont.)

The good news is we made it back home!! The bad news is that I put my camera in my brother’s carry on bag so my pictures are now in Carmel. But, I do have some videos!! You can see where we stayed and my black eye in all it’s glory!

We had a blast the rest of the week. We did some snorkeling, however, I couldn’t be out long because the mask hurt my eye, played in the pool, tanned, went out to dinner, bbq’d, went on a sunset appetizer cruise, got drunk, played on the beach, visited with family, swam in the pool, ran on the grass, laid out on the lanai, slept in,  shopped, jet ski’d and walked around Kaanapali Beach.

Some of my relatives arrived later on in the week and Ben had a great time playing with them. Ryan and I were not looking forward to our flight home but the morning we were supposed to leave, United called and said our flight was overbooked. They offered us future flight credit and first class seats to take the red eye that night. Ryan and I immediately agreed, we knew that first class would be a lot roomier for Ben. We also got an extra day on Maui! The red eye was our best decision ever. I put Ben into his pj’s, gave him some Benedryl, and he slept the whole time. The only problem was Ryan and I are exhausted! We left Maui at 10:30pm local time and arrived in SFO at 5:45 am (2:45 am Hawaii time). Needless to say we are tired but are glad the trip back was smoother.

Thank you so much to my parents for including us on the trip. We had so much fun and made so many memories!! I promise to post up pics as soon as I get my camera. Enjoy our videos in the mean time! :)

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