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Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father’s Day!

Once again, I have to apologize for being a bad blogger. We’ve just been jet lagged around here and I’ve felt like a zoombie the last couple days. Ben is completely off schedule, he woke up super-early yesterday and it being fathers day, I didn’t have a free moment. So I’m finally able to post up a Happy Father’s Day message to my husband, dad and father-in-law!

Ben is so lucky to have one of the best fathers around. My husband is one of the most patient, loving, supportive, playful, and hard-working men I know.  He loves Ben and I more then anything and would give us the world if he could!

Ben 15 months 007Happy Father’s day Ryan!!

Ben’s Boppa was one-half of the couple (my mom being the other) to sponsor us going to Hawaii. We are so appreciative for being included.  He loves his first and only grandchild very much and we look forward to making many more family memories!

Ben 13 months 689 Happy Boppa’s Day Boppa!!

Ben’s Papa has many skills (yard work, BBQing, handy man) I know he’ll pass on to Ben. He has raised five amazing boys and is a pro in boy-raising. We look forward to many fun times with him!

Ben 13 months 473 Happy Papa’s Day Papa!!

Obviously I have to include Ryan’s grandpa, the patriarch of the family.

Ben 13 months 324 Happy “Big Papa’s” Day Papa!!


The good news is, I get my camera back today or tomorrow so Maui pics will be up ASAP! I’m also buzzing Ben’s hair again. I’m sorry to Ben’s Aunties that love his long locks, we are the loving the buzzed look and it’s SO easy to keep up!

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