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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Maui 2010 pics

Finally! I have my camera back, thanks dad!!

“The accident”

Day 1                                                                        

Maui 2010 013Day 2 

Maui 2010 048

Yep, it was as painful as it looks. My tooth went through my lip and I had a cut/bruise on my chin. I still have evidence of my black eye so you will see it through our whole vacation.

Now on to the fun pics!

Our view

Maui 2010 014Pool fun

Maui 2010 015  Maui 2010 147

(click on pictures to make them bigger, otherwise this would be a super long post!)

Maui 2010 037 Maui 2010 040

Okay, there’s a story behind the pink floatie. My parent’s were nice enough to buy one for us before hand but they didn’t notice that it was pink instead of red. I didn’t want to waste my time returning it since we were going to leave it behind anyway. So Ben rocked the pink floatie!!

Maui 2010 085 Maui 2010 133

Maui 2010 138

Maui 2010 145  Maui 2010 108

Beach pics

Maui 2010 020Maui 2010 024 Maui 2010 019

Maui 2010 044 Maui 2010 046

FYI: The extremely tan man is my father.

The ditch in the grass that Ben had the best time running up and down in.

Maui 2010 016 Maui 2010 112

Our sunset cruise (day 2 of “the accident”)

Maui 2010 010

Maui 2010 063 Maui 2010 065

Maui 2010 072 Maui 2010 100

Maui 2010 081

With my mom and grandma. We couldn’t get a good shot of us, it was so windy!

These are just some of our family pictures. We had lots of good family  times!

Maui 2010 057 Maui 2010 106My dad, brother and my brother’s friend, Brian.

Maui 2010 109  Maui 2010 187

Maui 2010 150 Maui 2010 033

Maui 2010 157 Maui 2010 184

Okay, I’m exhausted! I’ll post up more, this is all my post could hold.

1 comment:

  1. Oh, Margaux! OUCH. You are still beautiful, though, even with a big ole black eye. It looks like you guys were able to have an amazing vacation despite the accident. I lesser woman would have let something like that ruin the whole trip for everyone!

    I love that Ben rocked the pink floatie! Sam wears pink diapers all the time. He even has one that says "Real Boys Wear Pink". ;)

    Thanks for sharing all of these photos. You have the most beautiful family!


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