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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Maui 2010

Well we made it! If you're my friend on Facebook you already know that, if not, I apologize.
I found out what hell is. It's a five hour flight with a 15-month-old in the middle seat of coach (not that I expected anything different). The flight was hard but the sight of the beach made the whole experience disappear. Ben has easily dealt with the 3 hour time change and is already on Hawaii time. He doesn't love the beach quite as much as we expected, I don't think he likes getting all dirty, ha! He has been LOVING the pool so we've been hanging out there the whole time.
We bbq at night and for lunch and let Ben run around the grass area. He pretty much passes out from exhaustion at night. We are loving it! The weather has been a bit cloudy with a few scattered showers but nothing that lasts more then a couple minutes. Today has been the most gorgeous day, we open our sliding glass doors and can look out onto the beach. We are so grateful to be here!
Now on to my story. Once again, if you are friends with me on fb you know this already. On Friday, my brother, my cousin and my brother's friend Brian, decided to take jet ski's out. We rented them for an hour and had a blast. However, the weather was rough and it was a bit choppy. Just as our hour was up, we were driving around pretty crazy and trying to splash each other. Well, someone got a bit too close to me (we won't mention names since it was an accident) and I "swerved" to miss them and hit a wave at the same time. I don't really remember what happened but I did a flip over the front, hit my face on the side and landed in the water. Ouch. I felt pain immediately in my face and could barely catch my breath as I came up. I held my face and could already feel a bump forming over my eye. I could feel my lip bleeding and I totally freaked out in the water, shouting at my brother to come get me because I thought sharks were going to smell the blood and come after me (seriously!). The rescue team had to come out and get me to bring me in. We thought I may have needed stitches, my tooth went all the way through my lip but it has been healing on its own. Long story short- I have a gnarly black/green/purple eye that goes all the way around, a swollen/bruised lip and a cut/bruised chin. It won't go away until after our trip so all of our pictures from our trip will have my lovely injury in them. Kind of embarrassing but Ryan says it's sexy so I'm trying to rock it and just get over it. No amount of makeup can cover it up so I'll be going all-natural for the week. I'm hoping it'll be a story that we can look back and laugh at; Remember our trip to Maui when mom slammed her face into the jet ski and had a black eye the whole week? That was hilarious!
I'm trying to upload photos and a video but I'm on Ryan's computer and can't get it to work. Check back in a bit, I'm trying!

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