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Monday, November 8, 2010

Is bigger better?

Last week when I transferred Ben’s prescriptions to CVS, I asked our nurse to call in a new enzyme prescription. I wasn’t sure how long it’d take and I didn’t want to get low. Ever again.

While we were talking enzymes, I asked her when Ben could move up from Creon 6 to Creon 12. He’s already taking six enzymes with each meal and it’s beginning to not fit on a spoon of applesauce.  She said no problem, Ben could move up to three Creon 12’s with his meal. Perfect! I figured it’d be easier to return to the task of Ben swallowing his enzymes whole with only three versus six.

However when we picked up our new order, I discovered that the strength didn’t change, only the capsule size.

Ben 19 months 237 I’m never going to be able to get him to swallow those! They’re like a horse pill. I don't think I could even swallow them. So, I’m asking myself the age old question, “Is bigger really better?”


  1. Blimey! Those are some huge pills!!

    You never know, Ben may totally shock you and swallow them with ease? Good luck!!!


  2. Holy Cow!! Those are huge. I'm a little worried now because Bryce is still on the Creon 6 and he is a pill swallowing pro, but the Creon 12 is WAY bigger. My guess is he will be moved up to the 12 soon. Man, I don't want to go back to applesauce. AHH!

    In this case...bigger is not better. ;)

    Always enjoy your posts!

  3. Ok, to answer the age old question, Margaux, bigger is ALWAYS better! But I'm not talking about enzymes. In that situation, probably looks painful! :)

  4. Margaux, this last week Asher has been grabbing his three Creon 6 pills, his one culturelle pill, and his prevacid, throws them all in his mouth and barely takes a sip from his cup to wash them down. I was so startled at first, but it doesn't even phase him. These cf kids of ours are brave and strong!!! He might be intimated at first, but he'll get there. He has the same tenacity :).

  5. I bet he will be able to do it! My son, Ben, started swallowing 5 Creon 6's at 2 and he would just cram them all in at once and take a quick swig of water from the sippy cup. I figured if he could do that he could swallow one big one so we had the doctor call in Creon 24's. He swallowed one of those no problem along with one Creon 6 at the same time. He is now swallowing one Creon 24 and two Creon 6. I along with Ben hated the ADEK liquid vitamins. He hated the taste and I hated trying to mix it in everything and he wouldn't always finish what I put it in. Not to forget the stain factor as well. I had the doctor call in the SourceCF Softgels and he downed those no problem as well. They are about the same size as the Creon 24's. Give it a try! I am sure he will blow you away after he practices a few times!

  6. Creon 12 is better I guess when they are solely swallowing pills. When our clinic talked about switching N to 12 I decided to stay with 6 because his appetite is so unpredictable that I didn't want to be splitting 12's.

    Is Ben still swallowing the 6's? Is he able to swallow the 12's?


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