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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Well, total bummer, my memory card doesn't fit into Ryan's laptop so no pictures til after Thanksgiving :( I did have one to post since I had already put it up on Facebook before my computer decided to go kaput. I also can't blog through Live Writer so my posts will be a bit different. I can't believe how much I lived on my laptop, ha!

The hat above was made by Sarah over at Virgina Blue. She specializes in hats and sells them on Etsy. You can find her site HERE. She makes beautiful, custom hats. Check her out! I had to give her a shout out because she makes such beautiful pieces and the income makes it possible for her to stay at home with Ginger who also has CF. There is nothing most CF moms wouldn't do for the health of their kids!

We are having a relaxing, fun weekend. We are getting ready for Thanksgiving by packing and doing laundry. Ben attended his first official "kid" birthday party yesterday. He had a blast! It was a Mickey Mouse theme so he went running all over the house excited pointing out all the Mickeys! He even managed to swing the bat at the Mickey pinata. Ryan and I thought he was going to hug it instead of swing at it, ha! He did end up dropping the bat and clapping when everyone cheered for him , it was too cute.

We put up our fake Christmas tree today. I know it's a bit early but I'm just so excited to celebrate Ben's second Christmas. He is going to have so much fun this year opening his presents.

I'll keep everyone updated as much as possible but posts will be few. Once I get my laptop back, I'll put up plenty of pictures.

1 comment:

  1. Have a lovely thanksgiving weekend!!

    Isn't it just like someone has removed a limb when your computer is down? It IS worrying how much time we spend on them.

    Take care



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