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Monday, November 29, 2010

Do you know who?

I should get my computer back Wednesday, wahooo!! I have SO many pictures to upload. We are back at home and are so glad to be back in our own space. We had a blast this last week and I came across a picture I just have to share. Many people say Ben looks like this guy...

Do you know who he is? Do you think he looks like Ben?


  1. hey that's weston...the way i remember him :)

  2. Do you have any clues??
    Cant wait to see all the pictures!!

    Margaux, this is our second round of home iv's and to be honest, we were both a little nervous for the first few doses but now it's really easy and so much more laid back than hospital. It also helps that i'm a nurse but Ian happily mixes up the meds and gives them to Sophie too and he has no medical background at all.

    The best tip we were given is if you have to mix everything and not have pre-mixed doses, is to put everything you need for each dose into plastic boxes. So all the syringes, needles, drugs (if not needed to be in a fridge) wipes etc so you can just grab the box and everything you need is there ready and waiting. It makes life easy if you need to go out and the next dose is likely to be due. We usually have about 3 doses all in boxes and then top up as we use them.

    If the time comes, i'm sure you will be fine, it's no harder than giving nebs and all the other meds we juggle every day. You will be fully trained on what to look for etc :)

    Hopefully though, Ben wont be needing any IV's for a long time!!


  3. He looks just like Ben...twins really. Now you just need to do a side by side...


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