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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Free Fun

When you’re saving up to buy a house and to have another baby, like we are doing, then you try to find fun, free things to do. Case in point, I found that they have trains set up at Toys ‘r’ us. Really nice trains. Thomas Trains. If you know Ben, you know that just the word Thomas gets him excited.

I go through Ben’s tub toys every couple months to throw out any that may have mold in them. Tub toys can easily grow mold that can be harmful to Ben so I just keep filtering through them. Anyway, I took him to Toys ‘r’ us to get some more. That’s when we discovered the trains.

Ben 14 months 189 He sat and played with them for about an hour. I didn’t mind at all, I just looked around at the Thomas Trains, trying to figure out if we could afford any sets, any time soon. However, a basic 24-piece set will run you around 129$. Apparently when you put Thomas’ face on anything, it automatically doubles the price. How is it that my child picked one of the most expensive toys to love??

Ben 14 months 191As you can see, the price is outrageous. That’s for the table only. No tracks or tains included. That is even the sale price. So for now, we’ll just invade Toys ‘r’ us and play with their display until they realize they need to cut their prices even more.

Ben 14 months 190Not sure if that’ll ever happen, so we’ll just see how many times we can come and play for free until they start making us buy something.

1 comment:

  1. Margaux...Barnes and Noble has a train table too...with chairs for mommy to sit in. ;) And I'm sure you guys have discovered the Train Museum in Old Sac. If you sign Ben up for the Caboose Club ($15) you get in free for the year...and I think it includes the big train ride that runs in the spring and summer too. Lastly I'll tell you that my father in law built a train table for my oldest 5 years ago and all three of my boys have LOVED it. Do you have any handy guys that like to work with wood in your family? He painted it with scenery on the base and a big Thomas on the side. ;)


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