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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Jump, Jump

Manny and I have made the trip down to Carmel Valley this last week. Ryan is traveling down to Southern California again, so we thought we’d come down, go to the Aquarium, play with the dogs (who Ben loves), see old friends and hang out.

There is a baseball field a couple blocks away from my parents home that we walk the dogs to. It gives the dogs, and Ben, a chance to run around and get some energy out. All three come home very tired which is very nice!

Yesterday, my mom and I took Ben on a walk around the block. On the way we walked by a friends house who has a trampoline. Of course, we HAD to stop and jump! Ben had the best time! Trampolines are excellent for CFer’s because it can help break up the mucus in their chest and it also is a good workout.

I think a trampoline will be on Ben’s xmas list next year…

Ben 14 months 002 Ben 14 months 015

Ben 14 months 024Ben 14 months 022 Ben 14 months 033

Ben 14 months 032 Ben 14 months 035

We came back home and refueled…

Ben 14 months 037We love Nutella in this house!!

Ben 14 months 039Immediately after, it was tub time

Ben 14 months 041    Avocado slicers make good teething toys!

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